Friday, September 17, 2010

Protecting your children

Driving to work this morning I saw a mama deer prance across the road. I slowed down to make sure that another one wasn't following. As I kept my eyes on the woods and the road, I noticed the tinest baby deer running as fast has his 4 little legs could go. He had a few white spots on him, and a little white tail. As I drove closer, I wanted to get another glimpse of this tiny little creature. But, he was gone, out of site. He had already made it into the woods and into the protection of his mother.
As I drove on, I was wondering how on earth can that mother allow her little guy cross the street alone? Why don't they protect them and guide them, tell them to look both ways before crossing the street? She is responsiable for him. I think of the movie "Bambi" and how she knew when danger was around her baby.
I made myself laugh when I actually thought of that.

As I drove around the curve, the fog was lifting over the mountains,and I couldn't help but think of my own children. How it was my responsibility to protect them.I remember when they were small, I taught them to look both ways before crossing the street. Guided them and protected them on their way. Held their tiny little hands in mine. As they crossed they would look back at me, runnuing as fast as their little feet could go watching to make sure that I was still there to watch them, to protect them, to guide them safely across the street.
That's what we do.

But on August 13, 2008, I was no longer able to hold their hands. I was no longer aloud to watch them as they crossed over from being a child, to a teenager to an adult. I was no longer able to see them look back at me to make sure they were save. To assure them, to guide them.

On that day, they were going to be told that they won't be able to see me, talk to me, hug me. We were no longer going to hold hands.
I'm sure it was just as sad and confusing for them like it was for me. How does this happen? Why did this happen?

I was suppose to hold their hands as they crossed the milestones of life. I was suppose to let them know the dangers ahead.
But I was unable to protect them. I was unable to keep up the fight.

Did that mama deer go ahead of her baby to protect him from what he may face once he made it into the woods? Did she know something thathe didn't? Did she sacrifice her own life, to protect his?
I'm going to believe that she went ahead of him to protect him from what lies ahead.
It was her willingness, her determination, her love for her young to go in front, and protect him from an unknown future.

That's what I had to do.

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