Friday, April 20, 2012

So how far will one go to either keep us away from our children, or our children away from us?
How far will a person go to keep the truth under lock and key, and the lies pouring out like lava?

It amazes me the people that fall for the lies of the alienators and fall right into the same behaviours of these people. This is way these types of behaviours are "cult" like. They get followers to believe what they say is true.

Recently, I was in a group on facebook called MCRD. It was for parents who kids were in boot camp.
The one I mentioned in my post yesterday. Anyhow, I logged into my facebook today to find that I was removed and blocked from the MCRD group. No big deal really, it just made me think of all those people who have fallen in that trap of lies as well. After I posted my latest entry on my blog, I shared the link on that page. Apparently, someone didn't like it. *clearing throat
Wonder who that could be? No names were used, so no harm done. I just wanted to share my story with the group.

Well I guess the truth hurts, and so I was removed. It's a sad thing when you don't want people to know that you have alienated children from their mother or father. It's a sad thing when one person can manipulate a multitude of others into believing that you had "good reason" to keep the kids from their mom or dad. Those are lies!

Alienators act as if their main goal in life is to make their ex miserable. Often they succeed. They may be so successful that they drive the alienated parent away. Alienators are also very paranoid.
These people are exquisitely sensitive to slights. It takes very little to arouse their suspicions.
        -Dr. Warshak author of Divorce Poison

Corrupting Reality

Most common strategies for distorting the child's perception, beliefs and memories of the target parent:

*manipulates names to disrupt children's identification with the target parent.
    This is what happened to my kids after the step mom adopted them She changed their names.

*repeating lies until they are assumed to be true

*directing the children's attention to the negative aspects of the target parent and ignoring the positive

*telling lies about the target parent

*revising history to erase positive memories of the target parent

*claiming the target parent has total changed

*conspiring with others to reinforce the programming

If you would like to see more of these strategies please read Dr. Warshak's book Divorce Poison


  1. The Facebook page you are referring to is for Marine family and friends of that Co. The only person who can remove you is the Admin. it had nothing to do with the person you are implying. It did have everything to do with you & your friends constant post about being alienated from your kids. I didn't join the group to read your constant post. I did feel sorry 4 u @ first but every time I logged on your post was at the very top. All I can say is that there are 2 sides to every story.

  2. I didn't post my comment to cause you pain. Just for you to think about why things are going the way they are. I truly hope you get to see your kids again