Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Whenever I receive a comment on my blog, it is usually from someone who is an alienated parent, thanking me for sharing my story and struggles and exposing the truth head on.

This morning, I woke up to this comment:

This was a comment left by an anonymous reader regarding my post on April 20th.

"The Facebook page you are referring to is for Marine family and friends of that Co. The only person who can remove you is the Admin. it had nothing to do with the person you are implying. It did have everything to do with you & your friends constant post about being alienated from your kids. I didn't join the group to read your constant post. I did feel sorry 4 u @ first but every time I logged on your post was at the very top. All I can say is that there are 2 sides to every story."

First of all, I would like to apologize for the amount of posts that I added on the Marine page. Although I didn't feel that they were as constant as this person makes them out to be. Nonetheless, I am sure they were annoying. However, the reason for them being at the top, could very well mean that someone else commented on the post, and commenting, brings all posts back to the top of the forum. I understand that no one joined that group to see another parents posts about being alienated. I get that, and I am sorry!
That wasn't the right place to do that, especially after everyone was returning home from graduation with their Marines. But I was hurt, sad and disappointed again that all my efforts to reach my son once again were blocked. Do you not get that he is 19 years old? If he is capable at making the decision to join the Marines, he's capable to decide if he wants to talk to me or not without being afraid too?

Yes, I said "afraid" too! In order for one to understand the fear that an alienated child or young adult has, you have to educated yourself on Parental Alienation and the affects it has on a person. The alienated child or young adult has been taught how to fear the other parent. They have also been taught, by the alienating parent to fear them.  If they decide to talk to the target parent, they will be made to feel as if they are letting that parent down. They will makes threats, like taking away the car, or phone and sometimes worse, making them feel guilty for younger siblings who can't speak to the target parent. They will tell the child that if you talk to your mom or dad, then you will just be making it harder on your brothers/sisters if you do. So guilt keeps them from reconnecting with that target parent. This is were I am at now with my oldest son. As long as the alienating parents can keep the guilt motor running, then they will always have control over the young adult who has already moved out! Not only that, but the now adult son will use "this was my idea" "I am not being told what to say", "this is my decision to make." These are very typical signs of Parental Alienation at it's best!

Secondly, from the first time I made myself public on that page way back in January, I didn't say a word. I was as quiet as a mouse.  As a matter of fact, I actually left the group at one time because it was hard for me not to post anything, especially since I didn't have anything in common to share with the group. It wasn't until the day the platoon videos came out did I ask to rejoin the group. I also left the group because I was targeted as a "dangerous parent" with "legal issues" and an Order of Protection against me. Which all are lies! I am not a dangerous parent. The only legal issue is the OP, which is based on lies and only exists to keep everyone believing their story that I am a danger or threat to them. Which is a lie!

I am very well aware who can remove me from that FB page, I have a private group page that I admin and add and remove people all the time. Only the admin can do that! I now that another party cannot click that button and remove another person. HOWEVER, it only takes one email to the admin from another party asking for an individual to be removed. I believe that is what happened in this case. Her little house of lies was being exposed and she didn't want anyone to know the truth. But that is all fine as well. Eventually, there will be no way out.

As for your statement "there are 2 sides to every story"! You are right, there is! However, who is the one who is sharing the story with the world? Who has not been afraid to share details of her life over the past 20 years? Who doesn't hide behind blocked settings so no one can see? Who has not been afraid to post court documents backing up my story, or emails, letters and those returned cards I sent my kids?" Me! I wanted my story to be told and tell it I will!!  I am not alone! There are thousands of mothers and fathers who have been alienated from their children who fight every day for the same thing I am fighting for. I am fighting for those people. Bringing awareness to Parental Alienation. I welcome them to share their side of the story! As a matter of fact, I encourage them too!

If their side of the story is so captivating, then why don't they share it? We would all love to hear what they have to say! But they won't,  the same reason why NO parent who is alienating a child from their mother or father will come forward, they know what they are doing is wrong!! They know that if the lies and stories they have told so many over the years comes out in the open, then they will be the outcast. So in order for that not to happen, they have to hide behind privacy settings, only letting those few followers and believers in to their world. That is also why they have to keep the children at an arms length, they definitely don't want the kids to find out, then it would be all over for them.

But what a lot of  people don't know about me, is that I won't back down. I am not going to stop until justice and the truth prevail. I will not stop this until the laws are passed in this country that Parental Alienation be recognized as Child Abuse and parents and step-parents and third party alienators be brought to justice and punished for this crime. This is the ultimate hate crime against a child and their loving parent.

I am not a mother who abandoned her kids to make my life better. I didn't give them up to stop paying child support so I could travel the world. I didn't give them up because I didn't love them or want them. Parental Alienation over the course of 8 years, and the failure of the judicial system forced me to relinquish my rights to my kids. That's what the alienating parents do.....they make your life difficult and hope that one day you give up! But forcing me to sign my rights away didn't mean that I signed my love away with it, or my desire to want to be with my kids. It just made me fight harder. Maybe this is what Gods plan is for me....maybe I will be the one to help make change and help bring awareness to those who know nothing about PA, the affects it has, the damage it does to families and the struggles we alienated parents face daily.

As for your attempt to say your sorry and you "didn't mean to hurt my feelings," apology not needed, Don't feel sorry for me! Feel sorry for my children who are living in an abusive, mind altering home. Feel sorry for them because their rights have been violated, their freedom of speech and right to choose has been violated. Feel sorry for all the children and parents who are alienated from each other. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, I just want people to know the truth!
shared my recent court hearing on their news page. Take a look at it.
Then check out all you can about Parental Alienation.
I certainly hope you are not enableing these parents or these behaviors on any child.

I'd really like for you to explain to me your statement  "why things are going the way they are."
I am curious to know why you think things are going the way they are?! What would you do differently, and why?

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  1. Did you not want others to post here? When you posted to look at your blog i thought it would be ok. Angie I can't remember what I was referring to when I posted "why things are going the way they are" . I would need to see the whole thing. Believe it or not this is not an attack against you. I don't know you are the other side. I don't understand why your older son since he is away now ( I believe all the guys have returned back to San Diego) from his dad & stepmom wont call you. I know you said dont feel sorry for you but I do and for any parent missing their child. I can't possible begin to say I know how you feel because I don't. My son is gone back now and he is my only child. I am trying to adjust to that so I really can't comprehend your situation.

    Thanks for your apology about the Marine page. It did come to the top a lot but with out extra comments. As I reread my post it does come off a little harsh. People say to me when I text " I didn't mean to make you mad". And im thinking why do you think I'm mad? My son tells me all the time I don't know how to text. Haha!

    I hope Cody does contact you. Congrats to you for the honor he received. I know even if a birth parent does not raise the child the child still has some of their characteristics. By the way that other person has also left the group. I don't know if the gf did becuz I didn't know her name. Dont think I was saying don't tell your story. (not that u would listen to me any way). I was just saying it was too much on there. I pray that God's will be done in this situation.

    I believe you need to hear both sides to make an educated decision. I was not saying your side was a lie in anyway. You know the truth. Your ex nows the truth & God knows the truth. And yes I do feel for your beautiful sons and I would continue to fight until the day I die. Take care Angie. J.J.