Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To my anonymous reader:

It is clear to me that my posts on the Marine fb page have done exactly what I wanted them to do. Which is, draw the attention of others onto my blog, and learn more about who I am and Parental Alienation.

The "constant" posts paid off.

I do want people to post comments at anytime, good or bad on my blog or send me emails. I welcome that!

I too, can come off very harsh or hurtful when I text or send an email and don't mean for it to come off that way. Communicating this way can sometimes be difficult since we can't see the facial expressions,or know the tone of the person behind the message.

 I do however, share my opinion and I am very bold at doing so, whether behind the text or to someones face. I do know when not to say something as well. So basically, I pick my battles. But, I will always defend myself and my story and own up to a mistake if I make one.

I believe that you were not attacking me at all with your message. And you certainly didn't make me mad. You are right, my ex does know the truth, but he fails to acknowledge the truth. He fails to share the truth and honor his children with the truth. But like I said, the truth will prevail and the little web of lies they have spun about me with unravel. They live in a protective shell. That has always been the way they have lived ever since I've known that family. It's a very secluded and private "cult like" atmosphere. If you are not one of them, then you don't belong. That is the way most alienating families live. They will even seclude themselves from relatives in order to keep the secret life they live away from them.

It seems to me that you have a very kind heart and share a deep sadness for families that are struggling with Parental Alienation. Your interest in my story says a lot about you. I appreciate your interest and hope that through all of this, we might become blog/facebook friends. We do share a common interest, both of our sons are in the Marines after all. We both love them, and miss them. The only difference is, you can talk to and write your son, and I can't. Not right now anyway!

My son, is in California right now and will graduate from MCT on May 22. Then he will head off to his permanent duty station. I know the location and the MOS, but I am not going to reveal that information.
It's funny what a desperate parent will find out about their children! I was asked that question a few weeks ago, "how do I find out so much information?" Well, an alienated parent becomes a better investigator then the FBI! I have some amazing friends and family too, that always lend a helping hand.

Please continue to follow my blog and unless you feel more comfortable remaining anonymous, I will understand....but don't feel like you have to hide yourself either. I am not mad at you for sharing your opinion. If I didn't want other people's opinion, I wouldn't have invited the world to read my blog. This story isn't over ..... I have so much more to tell and share. So much is happening right now that I can't share ...... but when it does finally happen my readers, friends and family will know.

You can also "like" my 4 ever their mom fb page.
send me a private message via FB ...... I would like to get to know you and I would really like for you to know who I am as well!

By the way, what platoon was your son in? Mine was 1043

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