Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am a proud Mama

I can't help but think about what Cody is going through while he is adjusting to his first few days being away from “home” and being on his own. Although he isn't alone, he probably will feel like he might be in the weeks ahead of him. Even with 100 other recruits surrounding him. In the weeks ahead, he will change into a different person. In thirteen weeks he will no longer be Cody the civilian, he will become Cody the Marine. But this process for him and all the recruits will be a long one, filled with good and bad times. Filled with highs and lows. Filled with sickness and regret.

I have been so lucky to find so many things online regarding boot camp and information about what he is experiencing. I have been able to share my support by posting things I find on my 4 ever their mom facebook page. This is the ONLY way I can show my support for Cody. Show him that I love him and I am his biggest fan sitting on the sidelines cheering him on.
Being able to have and share even the smallest bit of information makes me feel like I have some form of connection to him and with him. Something that can't be taken away from me.

It is no secret, I am so happy he is no longer under the control and influence of his dad or step mom.
I am so glad he chose this path to take. It shows he is strong willed and not afraid to try new things. He's not afraid of a challenge. (He must get that from me)

It is really hard to sit back and NOT write him a letter. But trust me, if I could I would! They haven't been able to send the first letter home yet....but so bad I wish the letter home would be to me. I am always hopeful.

Although I have always been one to support our troops and show compassion for the military. It's nothing that I ever really thought about much. The first 4 years of my marriage to Cody's dad, I lived and breathed military. When he (his dad) was away at boot camp I was always writing him letters. I dreamed of a life when we were together as a family and all the boot camp and distance was behind us. When he finally finished his year long unaccompanied tour in Japan, we moved to Jacksonville, North Carolina, right outside of Camp Lejuene. This is were I had my first taste of being a military wife and living the military life. At that time, it was just another milestone in our lives. Things I should have embraced and held onto I didn't. I have memories of that time in my life, some good and some not so good.

I will always have a connection to Jacksonville. I spent 2 years of my life there. Brandon was born there..and this is where I was on my own for the very first time. My first home with Cody was in Jacksonville. I remember going through the gates of the base and seeing the Marines running in formation...I would always roll down my window just so I could here them chanting a military song as they ran. I loved that, and thought it was so cool.
I remember going shopping at the PX with Cody and buying him a hat that says “future Marine” on it and shirts that say “my dad is a US Marine.”

As I think about that time in my life, I can't help but think that Cody was with me while I listened to those Marines run and chant. He was with me when I bought that hat and t-shirts for him to wear and support his daddy. He walked on the grounds of Camp Lejuene as a little guy hand in hand with his dad.

Little did I know this was is future. This was his path to take.

I am a proud of my son, Cody.

I love you and Semper Fi!

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